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“Study & Work International - from Bavaria into the world” is a new project funded by the Bavarian Industry Association (vbw Vereinigung der bayerischen Wirtschaft) and the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts. Amongst other objectives, this project facilitates the search for internship placements abroad by providing an online data base for Bavarian students including online information on country particularities regarding applications and living conditions. For peer support, students can exchange on an internet blog about their experiences abroad.

International Offices and Career Centers from Abroad

If you are interested in possibilities for cooperation, such as the respective support of students looking for a placement. Please contact Susanne Stöver (Susanne.Stoeverhochschule-dualde).


We support you with your search for the best suitable student intern. Your internship offer will be made available to all Bavarian students from 19 Universities of Applied Sciences and 11 Research Universities. The schools and the high quality of the academic education in Bavaria are renowned in the world and you will be able to access a large choice of excellent candidates who will:

  • Enhance your international network and global decision-making
  • Contribute to the diversity of your staff and their intercultural skills
  • Bring along insider knowledge on German business connections
  • Speak fluent English, German and possibly a 3rd language
  • Are enthusiastic, achievement-oriented and full of fresh insights
  • Allow for flexibility in staffing needs without long-term commitment
  • Assist in the completion of special work-related projects

For support with cost-effective recruitment of highly motivated students, please, contact Susanne Stöver (Susanne.Stoeverhochschule-dualde).


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