The Bavarian Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) are renowned for their academic education, which sets a clear focus on application-oriented teaching. Their teaching approach intertwines academic knowledge with business skills and acumen, resulting in extremely well qualified graduates who are competent to immediatly contribute to the workforce.

UAS – Particularities

  • Accredited study programs Bavarian Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) offer accredited bachelor´s and master´s programs. In addition to that, UAS provide for the possibility of doctorate research either at an UAS PhD Center or in cooperation with research universities.
  • Compulsory practical semester for students Students enrolled in Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) are required to complete a certain amount of practical training in the form of internships. With these they gain practical experience and start developing their business network.
  • Professors with industrial background All professors have a longstanding academic (minimum: PhD) and industrial career. They are required to have a minimum of five years’ work experience in an effort to bring the industry closer to academia. Most of them are recruited from leading positions in industry.

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